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Welcome.  This page represents random topics in birding and nature.  From time to time, questions come up or interesting events occur, which are worth writing about.  It’s basically an amalgam of assorted gee whizzes.  The content will come and go as time and space restrictions dictate.  My more general ramblings can be found on my Blog

I spend a lot of time at Birdforum.  It is a website that caters to all sorts of bird and nature related topics.  The place I spend the most time is at the Bird Identification Q & A section.  Another up-and-coming ID forum is found at Surfbirds

Also, you might want to check out the Arizona Field Ornithologists website.  It is a great source for information on Arizona birds and birding. 


So much work, so little let’s go birding

Be sure to check out the Field Guides website. It is sure a great bunch of folks to work with.  Or check out what trips I will be doing in the coming months